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LCLC in the New Year

Updated: Mar 27, 2018


To all stewards of the earth, creation care disciples, and concerned citizens! The tuning of the cycle at the New Year is welcomed as a time of new beginnings, a renewal of the spirit, and of resolve to do better. Well, to do better, you have to take stock of what you've already done. We can certainly say that Lake County's original, and only, private, not-for-profit, fully volunteer-led conservation org is still alive and kickin'!

That's not something that our neighbors should not take for granted. After all, given the nature of anti-government, anti-science sentiment sweeping the land, and the turn of recent events at both the national and local levels, it's entirely possible that the Forest Preserve District may have to sell off its preserves to developers to keep the wolves of deficit spending at bay. No matter, we'll still be here, providing sanctuary to beleaguered wildlife and wondering, reverent souls. We are truly a "grass-roots" organization!

It's certainly uncommon, and uncomfortable, for a private, not-for-profit conservation org to take up political issues, or take sides. After all, when the environment loses, everybody loses. Sadly, the lines that divide have never been more sharply drawn, and the sides more clearly defined. Everyone needs to do better than derisiveness, and to expect for better from all sides. With every passing day, American conservation history is being made. Here at LCLC, all we can say is:


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