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Land Conservancy of Lake County wants to ensure that natural places in Lake County continue to offer unique and beautiful landscapes for the enjoyment of all its citizens.




Land Conservancy of Lake County (LCLC) is a Countywide non-profit natural resource organization. LCLC is an all volunteer group. We promote the preservation and conservation of natural resources in Lake County for individuals and their communities through direct action, education and stewardship.

The Land Conservancy strives for the preservation, conservation, and management of open lands, natural areas, and ecosystems throughout the County.  We prescribe this goal is best accomplished through the full or partial interest in real property. Although, LCLC also recognizes and pursues the use of conservation easements as an important tool for land conservation when working with landowners.   We also promote student and citizen awareness and appreciation of the natural environment through public education and stewardship. 

The Organizations goals are similar in many respects to other groups, such as the Nature Conservancy, CorLands, the Audubon Society, or the Lake County Forest Preserve District. These organizations, however, are primarily interested in acquiring lands of exceptional ecological quality or those that comprise several hundred or thousands of acres in size.  A land owner who wishes to preserve small woodland or prairie, or a developer required by a municipality to set aside a wetland often has difficulties finding an entity willing and able to assume management responsibilities. LCLC can fill this niche by accepting large land donations as well as smaller parcels. Since property is donated for many reasons, LCLC is committed to working with possible donors to best address their needs for the protection of Lake County’s valuable and limited natural resources. 

The Land Conservancy of Lake County, as an independent corporation with its own charter, bylaws and Board of Directors, also cooperates and coordinates with local, state and national organizations for land acquisition, management and educational purposes.  For example, LCLC is a member of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA), a national umbrella organization of local and regional land trusts headquartered in Washington DC.  

The US Internal Revenue Service has granted not-for-profit status to LCL under Sections 501 c (3) and 170 c (2) of the IRS Code of 1954. LCLC, with no power of eminent Domain, can act as a land trust, providing tax benefits to land owners and donors. 

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