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Download the LCLC membership application below




Membership Doesn't Cost Much, But It Helps A Lot!

Memberships are the backbone of the Conservancy. Without membership funds, we could not cover administrative costs like insurance or printing a newsletter. The Conservancy appreciates ongoing membership contributions from our faithful supports.

But we also want to make a special appeal to those of you who are not yet members of the Land Conservancy of Lake County. You have only to look around you to see how very fast Lake County is developing and how wetlands and other natural areas are disappearing. Although we are not the only group working to preserve and protect such lands, we are unique in a couple of ways:

  • We are willing to take some of the smaller parcels of land that many other groups are not 
    interested in acquiring and maintaining.

  • We are the only land conservancy working to preserve land throughout Lake County (instead of just specific areas).

To continue to fulfill our mission therefore requires great determination, much effort and, unfortunately, money. LCLC members know that they are protecting some of our most valuable land resources and they also receive the following benefits:

  • The newsletter and other mailings to keep informed about events and activities,

  • Educational presentations and programs offered by LCLC,

  • A chance to restore natural areas through land stewardship activities on LCLC properties,

  • Voting privileges at LCLC's annual meetings,

  • A special invitation to LCLC's Annual Meeting,

  • The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors or join a committee,

  • Tax deductions for your contributions, and

  • Friendship with others who share your concerns about Lake County's diminishing natural 

More than ever we need membership dues and donations to help with the Conservancy's future endeavors. Don't merely pay lip service to your environmental convictions - help us to protect Lake County's natural resources! Your gift to the Land Conservancy of Lake County is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please download the LCLC membership application and mail it in at your convenience.

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