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Come take a personal tour of the remaining historical barns of Lake County, IL.



The Barns of Lake County, by Nancy Schumm-Burgess, documents historical barns across Lake County with over 200 full-color photographs in this first-edition, hardcover book. More than just a pictorial, the book includes family anecdotes and histories.

More about the Author

Nancy Schumm-Burgess of Long Grove is a writer/photographer/lecturer and her field of study is Lake County. Her articles have been featured in local newspapers including the Chicago Tribune. Her photography has been hosted by a variety of Illinois galleries and has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Schumm-Burgess has been lecturing on barns, wildflowers, local history, and pioneers since 1997.

In 1998 her first book was published, a collection of photographs and essays on the beauty of nature in a particularly beautiful rural corner of Lake County, called Gardens and Other Sanctuaries in Long Grove.  The Barns of Lake County, published in 2004, is one of her more recent works in which she skillfully and patiently brings to life the past of Lake County's barns.

To purchase Nancy's book please click here to find out details and download an order form.  

You will receive a copy in the mail.

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