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“The real jewel of my disease ridden woodlot is the prothonatory warbler. He nests in a woodpecker hole or other small cavity in a dead snag overhanging water. The flash of his gold and blue plumage amid the dank decay of the June woods is in itself proof that dead trees are transmuted into living animals and vice versa. When you doubt the wisdom of this arrangement, take a look at the prothonatory.”

—Aldo Leopold

Suitable as a year round activity. LCLC uses designs recognized by wildlife experts to build nesting boxes for a variety of bird and bat species. Finished products are placed on LCLC properties. Tasks include reading plans, cutting wood and, assembling. The use of power and hand tools is required. Easy to moderate task for individuals or groups.  Time varies with amount produced (typically 1 hour per box). Houses can be created at school, in home, or while on a field trip at PoHickory Nature Preserve.

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