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“The leaves are off the hardwoods, so that one can see just how the branches intertwine, and what growth occurred last summer. Without this clear view of treetops, one cannot be sure which tree, if any, needs felling for the good of the land."

~ Aldo Leopold



Takes place year round at various LCLC locations depending on need. A very physical activity. Task includes vegetative cutting (mainly invasive brush), stacking into piles, and often burning the brush piles. Includes the use of hand tools often supported by a LCLC leader with a gas chain saw and herbicide sprayer. Seed planting involves random hand broadcasting of seed, hand broadcasting on newly fertilized soil then utilizing hand rakes to obtain good soil to seed contact.  Durable cotton clothing, heavy work boots, head, and eye protection are necessary. Water and snacks a must for energy. Typically a 2-4 hour event.

Brush cutter being used to remove gray dogwood.
Cleared understory (left) under hickory trees.
Buckthorn is most invasive plants needing removal.
Volunteers Anna Skuza, Yuanne Lopez, & Karen Comacho stacking cut brush.
Cleared area (foreground) & uncleared (background).
Cherry wood available to members.
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